Cemetery Services

Cemetery Lettering – Ernest Crawford is in charge of on-site lettering and specializes in adding passing dates to existing markers. He is a cousin of the owner and has been working for the company for over 30 years. He has experience in every aspect of the industry. If you need a passing date added to a monument, send us a letter in the mail with the name(s) on the marker, the date to be inscribed, name of the cemetery, contact information, and a check for the amount discussed with your consultant. You can also print out this form to help with the formatting: Passing Date Form

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★ Bronze Passing Dates – Bronze plates or scrolls are hard to match. There are several different bronze companies, all having many kinds of scrolls and date tabs. To help ensure ordering the correct scroll to match, please come by one of the offices and pick up some rubbing paper to make a rubbing of the marker.

★ Cemetery Cleaning – You can see the Tips & FAQs page for instructions on how to clean a monument yourself, but if you aren’t able to completely clean the stone, we offer a monument cleaning service.

★ Cemetery Leveling – If the monument was purchased from one of our locations, we will level it for free.