My grandparents, Howard and Gwen Starr started the business as Anderson County Monument Works in January, 1977. My grandfather had worked in all phases of the monument industry before venturing out on his own. My father, Charles Starr, Howard and Gwen’s oldest son, started with the company from the beginning in 1977. He and his wife, Freida, purchased a monument company in Tyler, TX (Forte Monuments) in the spring of 1989 and renamed the company Starr Memorials.

Howard continued operating Anderson County Monument Works in Elkhart, TX. In 1999, Starr Memorials purchased Garrett Memorials in Longview, TX and Kilgore Monument Company in Kilgore, TX. In 2004, Starr Memorials bought Anderson County Monument Works (Elkhart, TX) and all companies were operated under Starr Memorials, Inc.

In 2000, I started working full time for my father and received the nick name LC (Little Charles) after several months of confusion since my name is Charles Starr II. I have been around the monument business my entire life. In October of 2013, we purchased our first monument company in Victoria, TX (Jones Family Monuments). In January 2014, we purchased the Anderson County Monument Works location in Elkhart from Starr Memorials. April of 2014, we were also able to acquire Fitch Memorials in Mount Pleasant, TX. The most recent location we purchased is Garrett Memorials in Longview, TX. In June of 2016, we relocated the office to a new location in Longview to better serve the area.

Starr Family (History Pg)

Anderson County Monument Works, Jones Family Monuments, Fitch Memorials and Garrett Memorials operate under the company name Martus Stone. There are two reasons that the company is named Martus Stone. First, the word Martus is the Greek word for witness. We make memorials that are a witness of the life that was lived; a witness stone. Second, is found in the Bible, Joshua 24. Many of you will know Joshua 24:15 or part of it, “But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” However if you read the whole chapter, Joshua is trying to get the people to decide what god they will serve. In verse 19 he even tries to persuade them not to serve the Lord, but the people said to Joshua, “The Lord our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey!” (Verse 24). In verse 26-27 Joshua took a large stone and set it under an oak tree and said the stone shall be a witness stone of all the words that were spoken. I can only speak for myself, I hope and pray that God will supply me with the grace to walk out His word and that this company would help comfort and bring closure to families in need. We hope to show Godly love and be able to encourage you when you visit our offices. We custom design our production to fit your loved one.
Construction of the monuments is done at Anderson County Monument Works in Elkhart, TX and the monuments are distributed by trucks to their destination. We also produce monuments for many other monument companies and funeral homes in surrounding areas. The company has continued to grow and is currently one of the largest monument companies in Texas.